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Mauritius is the land where the east meets west and is called the land of beaches. Toledo is the capital of Castilla La Mancha and could be discovered 70km south of Madrid. Toledo is a wonderful metropolis, filled with history with one of many greatest variety of monuments in any Spanish metropolis. It is also one in every of Spain’s most interesting cities, providing a rich cultural history and architecture from all the civilizations which have occupied, including the Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, Christians, Jews and Moriscos. visit this link The previous metropolis centre is positioned on a hilltop and is a myriad of steep slender streets which are enclosed on three sides by the Tagus River. At the very top could be discovered the Alcazar, an enormous palace-fortress built in the sixteenth century. Throughout the Spanish Civil Warfare, the castle held out towards overwhelming Republican forces during the well-known ‘Siege of the Alcazar’ in 1936.