Surviving The Holidays When A Breakup Is Just Round The Corner

The holidays can be a bittersweet time for many of us, who have a tricky enough time negotiating life with Parkinson’s during normal months. For a black swan event like COVID-19, there isn’t any one silver bullet on the anvil that can sort things quick besides an efficient vaccine. But as they are saying, there is a chance even in adversity. This period presents a never-before alternative to construct and grow domestic journey as worldwide travel would largely be on the backburner for some time to return. To seize the day, the government in addition to the industry might want to rise to the challenge of remodeling Top-20 Indian locations as world-class tourist attractions. This requires an built-in, inter-sectoral method and funding from the government to build supporting infrastructure and stellar service and customer expertise from the industry that can propel domestic tourism in India like by no means earlier … Read more