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There are a lot of weekend breaks near Mumbai. At dwelling, abiding by the principles of simplicity can assist you live in a more deliberate and time-wealthy way. How much of what you personal actually improves the standard of your life? Are you shopping for new issues out of necessity or compulsion? Do the things you personal enable you to live extra vividly, or do they merely clutter up your life? Once more, researchers have determined that new experiences satisfy our higher-order needs in a method that new possessions can’t — that taking a good friend to dinner, for example, brings more lasting happiness than spending that money on a new shirt. On this approach, investing less in new objects and more in new actions could make your private home-life happier. travelocity This less materialistic frame of mind may even make it easier to lower your expenses in your next journey.

Setting foot ashore in the Antarctic for the first time is an unbelievable experience: so familiar, yet to date below the southern boundaries of most tourist maps. travel addict Antarctica is the only continent on Earth with no native inhabitants and — free from an evolutionary history of human predation — gentoo penguins use investigative beaks to tug at travellers’ trouser legs; colonies of chinstrap penguins huddle, unperturbed by tourists; and languid elephant seals roll within the surf. Cute Weddell seals make eyes at visitors, oblivious to potential human danger, whilst they laze among the many Brobdingnagian whale-bone vertebrae that lie strewn around the abandoned stays of Twenties whaling stations. With guidelines in place to restrict tourist footfall, this final alternative vacation destination is perfect for travellers that prefer small group excursions and gives one of the planet’s most unique experiences.

Thanks to the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics, Japan’s seeing an enormous influx of vacationers – but South Korea packs the identical cherry blossom, ornate temples and glitzy cities without the crowds. Wondering the right way to do it? Fly into Seoul and permit at the very least two days to explore it: the capital combines rambling royal palaces, trendy purchasing districts and neon-fronted karaoke bars. A high-velocity practice network will get you to virtually in all places else: to mountain-ringed Gyeongju , Korea’s Kyoto, full of historic temples, royal tombs and palace ruins, to Andong , with its straw-thatched villages; and to seaside Busan , residence to powdery seashores and extremely-contemporary seafood. Acquired more time? Add the volcanic Jeju Island on to your itinerary – it’s a rugged yet-resorty postcard pin-up in the south.